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Horse & Hounds

If you're a green friend of the earth
Try tightening your horse's girth
At day break ride to exercise
A pack of hounds 'neath lightening skies
The cooing doves, the bleating sheep
Enjoy the world while others sleep

Harold Bauman,

Country Road

All over the country trails I ride,
my trusty horse by my side.....
Home is still so far away,
but we'll get back someday.....
I hop on my horse to ride back home,
and off of the trails we roam.....
Till we get home,
it won't be a while......
To get there,
it's only a mile!.....
Now where finally there,
in the stable I put my mare.....
All my bad thoughts have went away,
now I'm back and here to stay!.....

Brianna Kaplan, 8 years old